Pet Relocation Services

Pet relocation is a crucial service that’s why it requires a lot of care. If you are an owner of a pet, then you may need pet relocation service for several reasons such as home relocation, family vacation, new job, permanent change of station (PCS) for military people, attending school, etc. But planning the movement of a pet from one place to another can be a time-consuming task.

Star Light Shipping Company can help you transport your pets in our well-equipped and comfortable vans. We minimize stress and discomfort for both pets and their owners. At times, you need to shift your family to a new location and you cannot leave your beloved pet behind. Here it must be kept in mind that pet travel is much different from people travel. So, let us ease your work with our quality pet relocation service.

  • Airport to Airport
  • Airport to Door
  • Door to Airport
  • Door to Door
  • Pet Ground Transport

    Ground transport of pets can be less costly if you own several pets and want to relocate them. The best thing about ground transport is that it offers door-to-door service and can also accept large breed dogs. This transport service is especially beneficial if you want to transport your pet to/from rural areas where airports are limited. Star Light Shipping Company is an experienced pet transport company.

    We are insured and licensed with USDA. Unlike other pet travel agencies, we offer great flexibility with travel dates and scheduling. We do not restrict any breed of dogs or cats, insects or Reptiles. Our prices are quite affordable and depend on your pet condition and route. We have employed a full-time ground transport coordinator to coordinate and track your pet’s trip. Moreover, our drivers are well trained and experienced in handling pet transport. So, you can hire our pet ground transport service with full confidence.

  • Airfreight consolidation
  • Customs Documents Preparation
  • Rates and Space Consultation
  • Charter Service
  • Market Strategy

    Logistics companies are responsible for transporting goods from point A to point B and are often tasked with managing the flow of a product from the time it leaves a manufacturing site, until it reaches the consumer. To accomplish this task efficiently, logistics companies use technology to dispatch and track packages throughout their journeys. Development of a marketing plan for a logistics company is fairly straightforward

    We ship all over word

    We ship daily , but we know the products needs to arrive safe and in time . That’s why we also entrust to specialized couriers in the transportation of design items, able to provide extra services that require competence and reliability, such as the inside home delivery, assembling, placement, and cartons disposal. Everything cared by experienced and reliable staff, which will also check goods perfect state

    Each order is handled according to the best logistics service, in order to make the parcels get to your house as soon as possible, reducing costs and making goods get in perfect state, and ready to be used. Your orders are always covered by a full risk insurance.

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