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At Starlight Shipping Company, we аrе unceasingly progressing making research continuously аnd improving оur ѕеrvісеѕ to thе hіghеѕt ѕtаndаrdѕ, we аrе making research continuously аnd improving оur ѕеrvісеѕ to thе hіghеѕt ѕtаndаrdѕ.

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Auto Export to Dubai - Jan 2018

"Starlight Shipping Company Services is the best, we had tried it before and will not go anywhere else, Happy New year 2018 to all your staff"

Almeda Sasha

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Car Shipment from US to Germany - Sep 2018

Best information from Ariel Martinez, good experience for me ,next car I decided again for Starlight Shipping Company to ship !

Micheal Onstone
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Move from US to Switzerland - Aug 2018

Matthew Fitzpatrick has been an excellent sales contact. He has been thorough, pleasant, and very responsive. So far, so great.

Emily C.
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Move from US to UK - Aug 2018

Shipping internationally is exceptionally stressful, especially when dealing with a bereavement. Your office has taken quite a chunk of stress off me and it is most appreciated! ....

Kings Galvin
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Move from UK to US - Aug 2018

My experience to date is excellent. I used Schumacher for my last move and everything went perfectly. I'm happy to have an international shipper I can rely on.

Cherie T.
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Move from US to New Zealand - Aug 2018

I liked the quick turnaround on getting a quote after I had my final inventory, and the detailed breakdown of costs with explanations.

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Move from US to Australia - Aug 2018

Mark Neville was exceptional & better informed, with more detail, than any other shipping agents we contacted

Johanna G.
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Move from US to Australia - Sep 2018

Matthew has been great in emailing back and forth with answers to my questions and I have so far found the experience easy to organize.

Almeda Sasha
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Household Goods Shipping to Spain - Jan 2018

"Representative Mark Nichol did a excellent job at answering all my questions. He was patient and took the time to make sure I understood his explanations. Thanks 

Lisa H

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Move from US to Australia - Sep 2018

Matthew has been great in emailing back and forth with answers to my questions and I have so far found the experience easy to organize.

Almeda Sasha

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Auto Export from the USA - Jan 2018

"I chose this company to ship my car due to the customer response rate. Starlight Shipping Company was very prompt and replied to my questions in a timely fashion.

Hannah W.

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Household Relocation from South Africa - Dec 2017

Mark has been excellently communicative and responded to all our queries so far. We feel we trust the company based on meeting Mark and feel happy despite the nerves  of relocating country with a family.


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Auto Export to Czech Republic - Dec 2017

I have very good experience with Starlight Shipping Company, who every time helped me with all problems immediately.

Radek M.

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Household Goods Export from Lesotho - Dec 2017

"Mark Neville was very attentive and detail oriented! Starlight Shipping Company has always had a great reputation in shipping industry and dealing with them shows you exactly why!

Ludmilla M..

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Auto Export from Kenya - Oct 2017

"Excellent online experience and excellent agent experience (Joey)! Appreciate his expertise and guidance and willingness to help

Jelmer A.

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International Move from UK - Oct 2017

"From my first visit to your website, over the phone conversations, I felt immediately confident that I found the right shipping company. Thank you guys!!!

Wolfgang S.

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Household Goods Export from USA - Oct 2017

"Mark Neville was very attentive and detail oriented! Starlight Shipping Company has always had a great reputation in shipping industry and dealing with them shows you exactly why!

Ludmilla M..

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Household Goods Export from USA - Oct 2017

"Mark Neville is the most knowledgeable, polite and helpful person I spoke to in the shipping industry so far, and would always recommend Starlight Shipping Company Shipping Company to any of my friends for their shipping needs.

Rosie V.

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Car Shipment to Portugal - Sep 2017

"Fast, easy, friendly and professional team. Excellent relation. Everything arrived on time (even before) and without any damages.

Vincent G.

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International Move from Cameroon - Sep 2017

"Excellent service. Bob was great and everyone I met along the way. Very happy.

Anne S.

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International Move from Cameroon - Sep 2017

"Mark Neville was great. He made himself available and answered all of my questions. Great salesman/communicator

Ryan S.

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Household Goods Shipment - Sep 2017

"The delivery took 2.5 months, I don't remember being given this piece information, and I couldn't find any ETA in the documents that came with my order. Maybe  communication could be improved on this point. Otherwise, the service was good, nothing was damaged, and the Starlight Shipping Company Shipping Company staff and the movers were  qualified and friendly.

Nans A.

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Auto Export to France - Sep 2017

"Very professional company. communication was clear though sometimes slow, but the car I have asked them to take care of from Portland to Marseille arrived safely in  France . Price is little high but quality and service was Top. Very good! Thanks to Starlight Shipping Company Shipping Company team!

Jeff R.

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International Move to France - Sep 2017

"Thanks again for the help on the move to France. It couldn't have gone much smoother.

Jim and Theresa

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Auto Export to Germany - Aug 2017

"Mr. Mager has been very quick to respond to all questions, he has been great to work with.

Peter F..

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Vehicle Shipment to UK - Aug 2017

"Thank you very much for all the information provided, you made my decision making so much easier.

Charles C.

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New York International Move - Aug 2017

"Hello Chris, The pick-up went well. I would like to comment on the crew. They were very curteous and hard working under the guidance of Stefan Serbezov. Stefan did a  great job organizing the packing and loading. Please forward these comments to his supervisor.

Ursula C.

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Move to Germany from Cameroon - Aug 2017

"Christopher, Good morning, sir. You moved my household goods in February (arrived in Germany in April) and the process was very smooth--far smoother, in fact than my  colleagues who used other companies. I truly appreciate all your help and the professional service provided by Starlight Shipping Company Shipping Company.

Dave H..

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International Move NY to Germany - Aug 2017

"Dear Steve and everyone at Starlight Shipping Company Shipping Company, We just would like to say thank you for the wonderful service you provided us for our move from NY to  Germany. We have moved across the world many times, but your company and the services you offered was by far the best we have ever experienced. We received our boxes  yesterday, all in good order and in timely manner. Thank you Steve, Tina and the exceptional crew who delivered us the packing materials and the pick up crew who were  so professional and efficient. Thanks everyone for all your help in making our normally a stressful move to be the least stressful one! We will keep recommending your  company to all our friends. Best wishes.

Naomi R.

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Household Shipment from Cameroon to UK - Aug 2017

"Your moving crew are awesome, so nice and polite and very efficient, really did a wonderful job of packing up loading up the truck also the inventory was made  quickly. Thank you soooo much and as always I will definitely recommend your company to everyone who is looking to move. Will wait on your insurance info. Thanks again 


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Household Relocation to Cameroon to Austria - July 2017

"Thank you very much for an amazing service!!! I would like to thank you, Donna, Charlie and his crew for a job well done. Sorry for being a 'pain' with all my  questions.

Nina A.

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Vehicle Export to Germany - July 2017

"I was impressed how friendly and efficient the service was! The delivery service from ITO here in Germany was great, too! Punctual, quick and friendly service.

Colette D..

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International Move to Norway - July 2017

"I am extremely satisfied with Stephan's team, they were really great. THANK YOU ALL.  

Teresa S

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"“I had so many troubles in the past with shipping from China to Amazon, and I think I found a long term partner. You guys are extremely professional in presenting quotes and communication. It’s so much more enjoyable arranging shipments like this!”


Hey Starlight Shipping Company, My wife & I just picked up the bike bike we had shipped at a terminal in Tacoma this afternoon, I just wanted to say thank you all very much for moving my new Harley quickly & carefully. It went from New York to Washington state within a day of the quoted time frame, & was obviously taken care of as it still looks perfect. Also the couple times I called with questions I appreciate having got truthful answers & your people being so patient. Thanks again for a job very well done & I look forward to the next time you ship one of our 11 bikes. Thanks again & again!!

Johnny & Sara Webster   

This is Lynn and Phil Sheridan here, we wanted to talk on phone but lines are very busy!Anyways we received our car early this morning before 8 am! Everything was perfect the drivers were awesome and the bike was delivered a day earlyWe cannot thanks you  enough. We also appreciated the professionalism on the phone by who ever answered when we dialed you.Thank you for helping our family Smiles


Hello Starlight Shipping Company ,
I want to thank you for your service. I received my containers very quickly and with absolutely no damage. The two guys on the truck were very friendly and obviously cared about what they were doing. I have a collection of about 20 bikes and have used several shippers over time. Many have failed to deliver on time. Two carriers delivered containers with minor damage in the form of scratches they claimed were already there despite my having detailed HD photos that shopwed no damage. Few, if any, had the simple and efficient tracking you offer. Few do what they say they will do. You did and you do. I have commented to friends and would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to ship a motorcycle. Thanks, again.

Gordon Monsen   

Good job ! I was very pleased with the service

Warren Patten    

Thanks Ed!
By the way…your website was nice to use through this entire process!

Mark Duffney    

I purchased a Honda VTX as a surprise for my husband and needed it shipped from Washington to California. I am so very glad I chose Motorcycle Shippers as my carrier. I was a nervous wreck trying to keep this from my husband and they walked me through the process and made it very simple. Being able to track the truck was very helpful too. I worked with both Jeff and Ed and both were very professional. From the time the bike was picked up to when it was delivered it was a two week period and it was delivered two days before the expected delivery date. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a motorcycle shipped. A huge thank you to everyone who works there for making this a smooth transaction!

Dawn Shute   

Just want to say “thanks” for getting my car from Maine to Georgia in good shape. The drivers were courteous and did a great job securing the bike for transport. No hidden fees, runaround, etc. And I appreciate Ed helping me out, when I needed to change the delivery location. A very professional outfit … I will call on you again someday.


Received my container today from Idaho to New York . Wanted to say thank you for a trouble free ride for my new baby across the country. The daily tracking was nice to see the progress. Thanks again for a great job !!


To whom it may concern,
I just received a call saying that my containers was ready to be delivered over a week ahead of schedule. Can’t thank you guys enough! This is the second time I’ve used you to ship my new order across the country and both times you’ve delivered way and above what I expected. Will be sure to refer other people to you. Thanks so much!

Cameron T. Silva   

Hi Ed,
Just wanted you to know all went like clock-work today at the hub in New Jersey. They’re are getting the bike to LA sooner than expected AND that I’ve already told two biker- buddies about your great service. “Keep the Shinny Side UP!” Thanks for all your great service!

Tom O’Brien   

Thanks for your shipping service. It was absolutely effortless on both my end (buyer) and the seller’s end. That’s the first motorcycle I bought sight unseen and thanks to Motorcycle Shippers, the process was very successful. I literally entered my order online, a phone call from Motorcycle Shippers to verify everything, my bike shows up 3 weeks later! Keep in mind, this bike traveled from Connecticut to South Louisiana. Amazing service, thank you for making this purchase so easy. I will highly recommend your service to anyone considering shipping a motorcycle. Thanks,

Chris Bradley  

The car has arrived! What a great service, I will surely be a customer again in the future. Thanks & Regards,


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